In Spring

Last weekend I took a nap in the sun, curled like a cat. A lullaby of city sounds filtered through the soft curtains of an open window with the breeze.

When we first moved into this apartment I didn’t really like that my side of the bed had to be pushed up against the window, but after three years I enjoy the familiarity. When the wind blows towards the apartment from a certain angle it carries with it the sounds of a nearby El Station. A bell in the distance, Doors Closing, followed by the low rumble of a train moving slowly along the tracks in the direction of downtown Chicago.

We tentatively began to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather with every window in the apartment thrown open to their widest, chasing out winter from each small corner and hiding spot. It wasn’t long before storm clouds began to roll towards us over the tops of city buildings, bringing rain… and then later, snow again.

Spring marks the end of our lease on this current apartment. We are in the process of moving, again. Spending time hunting for a new apartment, something that will be just right. Somewhere we can live for longer than 3 years perhaps? We’ve moved a lot, you would think that it would get easier with each move. You might even think that compared to our last move, which was overseas, moving within the same neighbourhood would be easy. The process of moving is always difficult, packing up memories from one place and trying to fit them into a strange new place. We still have this attitude, left over from being a military family perhaps, that each house or apartment we have lived in is less a home and more a temporary container.

Home is us.

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  1. Beautifully written. I often wonder too if home sometimes doesn’t take residence in the boxes that seem to frequently dot the corners of our existence. In the packing, relocating, goes the common and consistent thread of family, and that’s where my home exists.
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