The sky is blue this Friday and I’ve thrown open all of the windows in the apartment to let in a cool breeze. There’s a certain combination of windows we can open to create a delicate cross-breeze on days like this, on windier days the same combination turns the apartment into a wind tunnel. I still have to wear a sweater, and I can hear someone outside using a shovel to crack the thick ice on the sidewalk, but letting in the fresh air takes precedent over my bodily warmth at this moment.

I’m rolling my wet hair into pincurls, which reminds me that I need to get some more bobby pins. The double prong curl clips that I’m using are perfect for if I am planning on not leaving the house while my curls are setting, but on days like today I need to go out later while my hair is still up. I suppose that I could learn to properly tie a headscarf to cover the bright silver clips. We are going out for pizza tonight, at a little place nearby to Mikey’s school, a cute little family restaurant with delicious pizza and a vintage arcade. Tomorrow my husband and I will be going downtown while Mikey visits with his vovó.

I bought myself some flowers last week, the cashier at Trader Joe’s told me that a lot more people than usual had been buying flowers. We are so desperate for spring and a little colour. Of course I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the pretty, delicate pink blooms. One of the images I made of the Waxflowers is available as a print in my Etsy Store.



  1. beautiful. and pin curls! i’ve tried and failed. is there a secret you may share?
    amanda´s last post ..growing

    • I don’t think I do anything particularly different with them. I wash my hair, put on mousse. pull small pieces of hair into spirals and use double prong curl clips (got them on amazon for around $4 for 80 clips) to hold them, I start at the top front and work my way back… I’ve also heard it’s good to tie up your hair and start at the bottom… I don’t have long enough hair for it to make all that much difference. Let it dry (preferably sleep in them) then take out the clips and poof it out and mess with it until it looks good 🙂 I use old fashioned styling wax sometimes to kind of keep it all together. Some of the instructions I read say to brush out the curls to get that nice vintage looking wave, but my curls completely collapse into a poofy mess if I do that.

  2. Gorgeous photo! I too recently purchased some flowers to add some spring into my life. It’s been a long winter!
    Denene´s last post ..Vintage Photos

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