Green Food

If it weren’t for the fresh layer of snow that has fallen during the first three days of March, I would be starting to get into the right frame of mind for the approaching Spring. I’m looking forward to the first signs of green, both outside and in my kitchen. I love cooking with fresh Spring produce after a cold winter spent mostly eating heavier food such as meat and stored root vegetables.

I’ve been experimenting a little with making smoothies recently, part of a larger intention to eat better than I have been. Last week I tried this Healing Cranberry Cleanser (green smoothie with Cranberries and Kale) and it was absolutely delicious, I’ve been making smoothies for either before or after I work out… depending on the smoothie or the type of workout that I choose for the day. It’s been fun mixing things up.

On the same subject, March is a new month which means a new colour for Project World Colors. The colour for March is green and I’m today’s guest contributor, so you can hop on over and take a look at the photos I chose for the prompt. I must be a little enamored with green food right now, so you might notice a theme.

On Friday, one of the prints for sale in my Etsy store made it into a front page treasury, very exciting for me. Since then, the momentum has kept up and the same photo has been included in quite a few more beautiful treasuries over the weekend and this morning. I’m looking into adding a few more prints to my shop this month so keep an eye out for those! And as always, if you see something that you like on my blog that is not listed in my shop, I can make you a custom order so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Finally, I’m still working on my Film Paraphernalia project and made a few additions over the past week if you’d like to check them out. This time I tried photographing some different things, old lens filters and a vintage lens case. The shapes and design of all of these different things have been fun to study and photograph so far, especially in regards to the way they react to light and shadow. I’m going to continue with this project until I run out of items to photograph!


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