On the first day of Spring I woke to giant flakes of snow whirling in the darkness outside. As the morning drew on, the snow stopped and the sun began to peer out from the clouds.

After being home with a cough for a couple of days, Mikey was back at school and I took the time alone to do some shopping. Mikey tells me that they have tadpoles in their classroom and have been learning about the frog life-cycle. It is all he talks about, and to hear him tell it, frogs are all he dreams about too. I passed by the book section while I was out shopping, I thought I’d check the children’s books to see if they had anything about frogs. There it was, right at the back, between a book about tigers and a Spongebob Squarepants colouring book, Frogs. Perfect.

Naturally, our next step is to visit the zoo to see the colourful poison dart frogs.