Be Still

Please remain on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received.

A Monday morning spent mostly tethered to the phone, on hold, waiting. A slow start to a cold day. But a day spent in an empty apartment, even the air seems still after the weekend.

The weekend had been comfortable – quiet but full. A book about penguins was read on Friday evening, over and over, penguins also being the topic of a bedtime-prolonging conversation. All of this meaning that Planet Earth: Ice Worlds was required viewing for the following Saturday evening. There was much discussion about how carnivorous animals are not bad guys for eating other animals, just hungry. He knows where the meat that we eat comes from, but I suppose that he had just never considered it in that messy nature sort of way. We still maintain our opinion that Emperor Penguin chicks are the cutest and it was decided that although baby polar bears are also pretty cute, you probably wouldn’t want to play with one.

Sunday gave us sunshine; we baked banana bread and pressed our bare feet into the warm, sun drenched patches of hardwood in the dining room while we waited for the oven timer.

The sunlight is filtering through the living room blinds today as well. It is painting bright stripes on the floor and, for a minute, fooling me into thinking that it could perhaps be warm outside.


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