Print Shop

Print Shop

I’d mentioned previously that I had been working on something since November of last year. In reality I’ve been working on it a lot longer, or at least had the idea in my head for a while. I’ve only just really had the confidence to just go for it, with gentle pushes from my husband and friends. I’ve been panicking a little behind the scenes and my husband has been a saint for putting up with me.

It’s taken some time to put everything together: deciding on prints to offer, options for packaging, getting all of those things together in a cohesive manner.

The Bumbles and Light Photography Print Shop has been open for business since Friday last week, but I’ve been tweaking little things here and there before announcing the opening. There are still some prints left to go up, so if there is something you were particularly interested in please either contact me or check back at a later date.  I’m going to be continually tweaking things here and there, adding new bits and pieces. I’m thinking of it as an organic process.

But finally, here it is:

Photography Print Shop

There will also be a shop link in the sidebar from now on, and also a little widget in the footer here. I will periodically post updates about new prints available as well.

One major difference with having a print shop is that I can now set aside time to “work” on photos without feeling too guilty about it. That might seem like a silly little thing, but it’s quite important to me to at least feel as though what I’m doing isn’t frivolous. I’m happy with the way things are headed and excited about the future.


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