New Year

We awoke on Monday morning with ice spreading patterns inside of the windows on the south facing side of the apartment. My kitchen is south facing, the cold linoleum on my bare feet certainly woke me up this morning as I pottered around in the kitchen making coffee.  School and work cancelled for all of us, we will stay home and hide out from the frigid temperatures instead. I’m quite tempted to do some baking to warm up the house just a little (researching vegan recipes as we are out of eggs) but until then socks, hot water bottles, and knitted blankets will keep us cozy.

After several days of snowfall it has become quite deep out there, the back gate to our apartment building had to be dug out a little on Sunday afternoon in order to open. My husband and I managed to go out and see a show at Second City for our 7 year anniversary on Friday last week, despite the cold and the snow. But for the rest of the weekend we haven’t left the apartment, except going outside briefly to meet Mikey coming home on Saturday from staying overnight at his avós house, before the weather became impassable.

I have been working on a few things over the holiday, though. A new blog layout and some behind the scenes things. There are still a few more things to come and changes to be made over the month of January so I hope you’ll bear with me.

Our Christmas and New Year were moderately uneventful, we spent Christmas all of us sick with head colds and New Year in recovery. Being sick has given me the perfect opportunity to get some of my reading done on the Kindle that my husband bought me for Christmas. I snuggled in a comfy chair with tea and blankets to read my way through Delicate Edible Birds: And Other Stories* by Lauren Groff. I adore short stories and found myself lost for two days; each individual story, one after the other drawing me in. I have a queue of books now: four that I’m waiting my turn for from the library, and some left over from my birthday that I haven’t got around to yet.

We’re slowly getting back into our routines for school and work, I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday.

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    • Thank you! My knitting is pretty limited to things that are rectangular and don’t require complicated stitches, but it’s something nice to do while watching television in the evening and we need plenty of scarves in this weather!

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