Honey Lemon Thyme

The temperatures have dipped, there was ice build-up on the kitchen window again this morning. Paired with sweaters and thick socks, pajamas have become standard all-day wear if they hadn’t already before; Mikey is off school again, sick. He has been staying home on doctors orders, although judging by his exuberance this morning he could have likely returned to school today.

His liveliness is in direct contrast to my husband and I, who began to fall sick yesterday evening. It’s difficult to tell if it is the same thing, our symptoms have all manifested differently. But while yet more dusty snow falls outside the window, I’ll find myself in the kitchen brewing some Thyme, Lemon & Honey Tea to help fight whatever this cold is.

Thyme is just perfect for this time of year, it also has antibacterial and antiviral properties which is most likely what we need about now. Luckily I do happen to have a little fresh thyme left in my kitchen, my husband pulling the leaves from the stems to sprinkle on potatoes just the other day.

I fully intend to lounge around in a lethargic manner for much of today, perhaps taking some writing work with me to bed while I watch some old black and white movies.


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