Chess Club

A certain little boy expressed some interest in joining the after school chess club. At first, when we mentioned a few after school activities that we thought he might like, he didn’t seem particularly interested in taking part. He came home after the next day of school with a new-found enthusiasm for the idea. I have a sneaking suspicion that a little girl in his class, who he likes very much, may be joining the after school chess club too.

His daddy jumped upon the idea, the club doesn’t meet until Feruary so a basic chess set was purchased to practice on at home in the meantime. We had no chess set to begin with, well perhaps we did at one time but pieces have been lost in our many moves. We are more of a go (igo/weiqi/baduk) family, although I don’t claim to be much good at it myself.

So it ended that the entirety of a Saturday afternoon was spent between the chess board and a children’s chess teaching app for our old, slow and scuffed first generation iPad.



  1. i miss you so freaking much. its not even funny. the photos are amazing. the site looks amazing even though i hate you because you wont do mine. you are amazing. my dad taught me how to play chess. adore the way you captured this moment. m will do amazing xo
    Veronica┬┤s last post ..merry christmas

    • I miss you too! Argh stupid life getting in the way. Go look at the company I bought this theme from they’re pretty awesome, link is at the bottom of the page, Elmastudio. xo

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