Balance + Habit

The sky was soft charcoal when I awoke.

Morning colours were slowly revealed as I stood adjacent to the kitchen window, sipping my coffee. First, glorious splashes of red and orange faded the city streetlamps to nothing. By the time my coffee cup was half empty, reflected on its surface were the pinks and purples that painted the edge of each tall structure on the invisible horizon.

Mikey woke soon after me. Still sleepy-eyed, he had a breakfast of blueberry toaster waffles. The smell still hung on the air as we wrapped ourselves up for the cold walk to school.

Now, thick clusters of grey cloud covered the entirety of the sky, indicating that more snow was soon on the way. Mikey pointed to piles of the old, dirty snow that lined the sidewalk and commented that we hadn’t seen grass since before Christmas. Dramatically: “It’s going to be snow and ice forever!” with a staccato-like emphasis on each syllable of that last word. For-Ev-Er. Time travels more slowly for him than for me.

The apartment was warmer this morning and after taking Mikey to school I realised that I had more energy today than on recent days. I have been off-balance and pushing aside the healthy habits that I had spent so much time on establishing during the latter part of last year. I had let my yoga practice slide, not wanting to do any poses while sick last week but then never picking it back up when I began to feel better. It can be difficult, why are good habits more elusive than those bad ones that we all indulge in? Perhaps the good habits are just more troublesome to make the time for, perhaps they ask too much of us on some days.

After an hour or so of slow, smooth poses I feel open – centered and calm. Physically balanced and ready to get back to normal, if we have a normal… I can never really be quite sure.

This evening to begin with another habit that needs more of my time: the latest issue of Kindred that arrived in the mail a day or so ago (I have a photo in the magazine this issue too, a little snowy picture tucked away in the back page). After everyone is settled with their own activity this evening much like the theme of this issue, Nest, I’ll withdraw into my own little nest to read quietly.

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