Christmas Tree

Sometimes you just honestly can’t tell from photos. The images aren’t a deliberate attempt to fool anyone, they never are… the moments depicted are real, they happened. What is missing from these photos of us collecting our tree this year is my already foul mood that Sunday afternoon, perhaps stressed out from everything holiday that still needed to be done. What is also missing from the photos is my complete lack of patience with Mikey, who was of course fairly over-excited about finally picking up this year’s Christmas tree.

We managed to get the tree into our apartment and propped up in its stand on the table before retiring to different areas of the small apartment to cool off from one another. Excitement was renewed after time to relax and eat dinner, we set about decorating the tree. Mikey climbed on a step stool to help his daddy with the lights, baubles and his favourite part: candy canes. Things came together in the end.


  1. I completely understand. As Nana to an overly-excited 5 year old grandgirl that lives with us, my patience is stretched thin on a daily basis! I do love the shot of the two *men* walking/dancing with the tree down the road. That one is priceless.

    • I suppose life is just like that sometimes, I know I need to learn to be more patient 🙂

      That photo is my favourite too, I have a similar one of them from last year.

  2. Oh Ms. R — isn’t this the truth? The photos never represent our true moments, but we all seem to judge, make assumptions or be turned on / off as a result of what IS captured in those images.

    Merry Christmas, new friend.

    • It’s easy to make assumptions based off of a few carefully curated photos of someone’s life, after all we don’t often stop and take the time to photograph those unflattering moments that we all have. Sort of like how I’ll untag bad photos of myself that friends have put on facebook 😉

    • The real tree, and the new-ish tradition we’ve made to go and collect it, is one of my favourite parts of the season. Because we’re in the city & have no car we can’t go cut our own anywhere but I feel like this is the next best thing.

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