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Autumn is that time of year when I begin to prefer to stay inside. I’ll potter around the house more than usual: cooking, reading, crafting. A little table beside the window is exactly what I need; A place to sit and drink coffee, to look out the window at the leaves blowing in the wind, or to get on with some writing and crafting.

Creative Tabletop Photography

Creative Tabletop Photography

Creative Tabletop Photography

Tabletop photography is taking photos of products, crafts, and food. As the term implies, it is usually the kind of photography that is taken on a raised surface or table. Tabletop photography (particularly product photography) is often done in a studio, using an elaborate artificial lighting set up. If you have crafts or products that you’d like to photograph yourself, perhaps you own an etsy store or would just like to document the things you have made, you don’t necessarily require artificial lighting. If you have a window with good light, light modifiers and a reflector of some kind at your disposal you can take some great creative tabletop photography.

Below is my setup for the photos above, I have soft light coming in from a North facing window, a reflector which can be moved around as needed to add a little extra light, and a step stool to help me get a better angle. If your windows have harsh light, you can use thin white fabric or a curtain to soften the light.

Creative Tabletop Photography


Make the best use of lighting to highlight the product/subject. As with portraits, a soft even light is much more effective and flattering.

Use props to set the mood

You should make use of different objects around your house to aid in your composition. The use of props can set the mood; different textures and colours can add interest to a photograph.

In the photographs below, of some earrings that my mum made me for my birthday (Her Etsy Store is Here) I’m using the grey fabric as a background for the earrings, the texture highlights the much  sharper lines of the earrings and the colour helps them stand out. The earth tones in the other props around the fabric compliment the warm colour of the earrings and makes the whole shot feel very autumnal. In the pullback you can see that the set up itself is very simple.

Creative Tabletop Photography


Creative Tabletop Photography


In tabletop photography you aren’t capturing life as it happens, you are instead responsible for every last detail in the final photograph. When staging your photo pay attention to colour, composition, any possible distractions. Attention to detail is very important. When choosing props, consider how you will arrange them to best accentuate the object you are photographing.


  • I prefer a closer focusing lens to take photographs of smaller objects, for these photos I used my macro lens and 50mm.
  • A reflector is useful, if you don’t own a photography reflector then in a pinch you can make one from a white poster board or some kitchen foil.
  • A tripod may be needed to help you get sharper photos when taking photographs indoors, particularly if your room does not have great light.
  • A step stool or chair to help you get a better angle.
  • Props.

Creative Tabletop Photography


Creative Tabletop Photography

*Earrings by QuirkyGirlWorkshop on Etsy. Magazine is Kindred from Anchor and Plume Press.

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  1. ahh, this is perfect. I’m going to begin the process of taking pictures for an etsy shop… plus I’m just interested in learning tabletop photography… thanks for this tutorial!

  2. There is something very peaceful about these shots as if the person has just stepped away for a moment but everything is calm


  3. This are very impressive. I am horrible at tabletop photography, but I might have to try my hand at it again using some of your tips.
    Teresa´s last post ..The Dark is Here

  4. Thank you for the tips – and the picture in greater scale that shows the light reflector. Those earrings are so pertty, I’ll cheack the ETSY site — earrings would be a lovely gift! Such a lovely idea to use nut shells as promts – very inspiring!
    Nina´s last post ..Shades of Brown {Nurture Photography}

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I am a food blogger and still trying to learn the art of “food photography”. Your shots are homey and have a comforting feel about them. Thanks also for hosting the photography challenge.
    Tammi´s last post ..Salsa Burgers

  6. Love love LOVE your post! I’d love for you to join in with me beginning Januray 6th for a fun still life journey. You’ll see the info if you visit my link up with you this week.
    Your images inspire me so!
    Cheryl M´s last post ..Our First Snow

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