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Last week’s complaints about having a cold appear to have done nothing for me. The cold gradually dissipated only to be replaced by what I think is bronchitis. A signal that I need to slow down and let myself heal, although I do still have to go to work (luckily my work doesn’t involve seeing anybody!). Slowing down is all very well, but I think that Mikey and his daddy are ready for me to be well again… the apartment has fallen into disarray and I almost forgot to pack Mikey’s lunch for school this morning.

I’ve still be doing my usual walking around the neighbourhood, the fresh air has eased my cough a little every time I leave the apartment. I take my cellphone with me and use the cellphone camera to capture little snapshots of the things that I see.




Tips for Better Cellphone Photography

I know that it can be difficult sometimes if you feel as though you have to carry a heavy DSLR everywhere with you, just in case. We are a car-less family, so naturally I walk quite a lot around our neighbourhood in Chicago. Carrying my DSLR everywhere with me would be downright exhausting, so I’ve taken to only really using my DSLR now when I have the intent to shoot something and using my cellphone for pretty much everything else. You know what? I actually really enjoy taking photos on my phone. Just because I’m using my cellphone doesn’t mean that the photos need to be automatically bad or amateur, there are a few little tips I’d love to share to help you get the absolute best out of your cellphone camera.

Don’t forget the rules

The so-called rules of photography are designed to help you take better photos, just because the camera you are using may not be the absolute best quality doesn’t mean that the rules can’t still help. Make sure to keep an eye on your composition and lighting. Composition maybe be a little different on your cellphone than your DSLR, especially if you’re shooting in square format for Instagram but that gives you a great chance to experiment!


Your cellphone camera will be less effective in low light than your DSLR, however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try shooting in low light. Don’t bother with the flash, look for alternate light sources and make use of spot metering and exposure options on the more advanced camera apps to fine tune your exposure for the scene in front of you.



Make Peace with the Wide Depth of Field

The small sensors on cellphone cameras make it difficult to achieve that lovely shallow depth of field that you can get with a wide aperture on a DSLR and often the fake blur options in various photo editing apps can just make it look worse. Try different ways to make your subject stand out. You can make use of things like simple backgrounds, leading lines, colours, and contrast.

Avoid Using the Digital Zoom

Cellphone cameras tend to be a wider angle, so it can be tempting to just use the digital zoom to get a closer photo. The Digital Zoom will decrease the quality of your image and there is a higher chance of there being more noticeable motion blur. Zoom with your feet, as if you were using a prime lens on a DSLR. If you really can’t get close enough for the photo you want then cropping is a much better option than the Digital Zoom, although you will still see some reduction in quality with the final image.

Have Fun!

You may end up finding that your cellphone camera can open your eyes to photo potential in the strangest of places. Don’t forget to have fun and experiment: play around with different camera app settings or editing and filter apps. You can even use cellphone photography accessories such as clip on lenses or filters.



The photos in this blog post were all shot using a standard iPhone 4 (no extra cellphone lenses) and Camera+ app, they were edited with the VSCOcam app.

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  1. I was really worried about switching from my Samsung Galaxy S3 to an iPhone because the camera on the S3 was awesome. But I’m really happy with my iPhone and love taking pic with it everyday – I’ve played around quite a bit with different camera apps – all free ones because I’m cheap!!! 🙂 I love your leave shots – totally framable!
    Susi´s last post ..Five for Friday and Fill in Fun

  2. Sorry to hear you have bronchitis. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to clear your system,. The important thing to keep in mind is that your immune system is compromised for a year after bronchitis.

    I have had it twice. Also I am not sure how old you are, but as you get older it can turn into pneumonia. That is what happened to me the second time I had it-last year starting at Thanksgiving and then pneumonia for the winter holidays…and after.
    abrianna´s last post ..Red

  3. These are great I too have been shooting a lot with my I phone 4. I posted a shot I took this past week for red. Have a great weekend you can see most of them on Instagram # saun24

  4. I’m so excited to follow you on instagram! About 2 years ago, I started walking more consistently and my iphone has been by best friend in keeping me going! It somehow motivates me to get moving to know I’ll see many photo worthy things! I’ve loved discovering the different things the phone can do – many of the photos on my blog come from my walks and from my iphone! LOVE these shots – the lone leaf is my fave – and really enjoyed all you had to say about taking photos with our phones!
    Adrienne´s last post ..Six Word Fridays ~ Red

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