Ravenswood Art Walk

This weekend was the annual Ravenswood Art Walk. In my neighbourhood, local artists and businesses open their studios to the public… other local artists who may not have studios will also display their work at various open businesses along the Ravenswood Corridor. I have never been to the Art Walk before, the past two years it has clashed with Mikey’s birthday weekend and I just couldn’t make the time to go… but this year we were able to visit.

My family, who are still in town visiting from England, Mikey and I all enjoyed being able to peek into the artist studios and businesses as well as to look at all of the beautiful art that is created locally.





It’s on weekends like this one that I feel incredibly lucky to be able to live in such a vibrant neighbourhood in Chicago, with such a wonderful community of artists, crafters, and businesses. This neighbourhood has such a great history of art and industry.

Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.

From Chicago, Carl Sandburg
(Written while living in Ravenswood)

The Ravenswood Art Walk website has a list of the artists that were at the walk this year.





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