Colder Gusts of Wind

It has come to that awkward time of year. It is unexpectedly cold outside but the building manager has yet to turn on the heat for the apartments in this building, the heat hasn’t come on until November in the past years we’ve lived here. Due to the warmer September we have yet to even take our air conditioning unit out of the living room window. Now it just sits, blocking the light and leaving the room dark.

The storm windows in our bedroom are rusted and stuck open; when gusts of wind blow at a particular angle you can feel a slight draft. This would probably be fine if our bed wasn’t pushed up against the window, if my side of the bed weren’t closest to the window, and if the wind hadn’t seemed to be blowing in that very precise direction a whole lot lately.

In bed now I’ll sit with my feet snuggled into a pair of ridiculous socks (pink with white birds on them), clutching a freshly filled hot water bottle. While sick this past week all I have wanted to do was curl up in bed with a cup of tea and a book, but the pain in my eyes and sinuses made that an uncomfortable exercise. Now that the sinus cold has subsided, and I am left with only a cough and that weak just-got-over-a-cold feeling, I am more than ready to dive back into my reading.

There’s a wonderful selection of books at my bedside. At the moment I’m making my way through Asimov’s Foundation series, but after that I have a long list of books to be read and I’m looking forward to spending some of these cold autumn evenings with them.


I’m also planning some sort of writing practice for the month of November. I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo several years in a row and have never quite been able to finish, it got me to thinking that perhaps I just don’t have a novel in me. I love this idea from Christina Rosalie: Just One Paragraph and I think I may incorporate the idea into my own fiction/creative non-fiction writing practice. I often find it difficult to be held down by just one idea, which is perhaps why my attempts at longer writing pieces don’t usually work out.

We shall see. I’m hoping to share some of the writing here during the month of November.


    • Our September was unseasonably warm and then we had a week or so of normal fall weather until it got unseasonably cold!

      We usually have a couple of weeks of it being pretty darn cold in the apartment until the heat kicks in (I’m not sure what date they legally have to turn it on) but the afternoon after I hit publish on this post, our heat did actually come on… thank goodness! Now to remove that A/C unit from the window…

  1. I like the idea of just one paragraph, it’s like bite sized writing. We have had our AC off for a week or so and the heat kicks on in the mornings. I think it’s going to get colder this week. Dig out the woolens!!
    karen´s last post ..Pumpkin Latte Sweater

    • Our heat actually kicked in yesterday afternoon, after I published this post… thank goodness!

      Just one Paragraph sounds so much less daunting than anything else. I find that getting started can be the most difficult part, but this way I can either just write that one paragraph and be done with it… or I can expand upon it once I’m started. I’m hoping the latter happens more often.

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