Birthday Boy

Mikey turned six years old on Monday. We packed him up with some treat bags to take to school and share with his classmates and decorated the apartment while he was at school so that he could return to a home filled with balloons and streamers.

My family are visiting from England for two weeks, they arrived on Sunday afternoon, so they also were able to spend the evening with him after he finished school… opening presents, blowing out candles and eating cake. By the time everyone was ready to leave and settle down for the night, Mikey was absolutely exhausted from all the fun. Before he went to bed we relaxed and watched some Star Wars (The Empire Strikes Back). We read one of his new books together when it was finally bedtime and he fell asleep almost instantly, tired out from his day. But just before falling asleep he said to me, “I can’t believe it’s my birthday, it was so good!”

I can’t believe it either, my 4lb preemie is now a tall 6 year old. Every year seems to go by faster than the last.







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