Drinking Rain

The hot and humid days of summer have given way to cooler temperatures and a little rain. Saturday was beautiful: clear skies, a cool breeze and warm sunshine. Mikey and I took a long walk to the store in the afternoon, to collect supplies for the weather chart that he wants to make later this week. He told me last week that he’d like to be a weatherman, if the current weatherman took a day off, so he needed to practice.

Sunday was one of those all-day-rain kind of days where we spent the whole day indoors playing games, putting together puzzles on the living room rug, and finishing up his book report for school on Monday.

I’ve had some basil cuttings in a jar of water, sitting out in my window, for a while. I came into the kitchen on Sunday afternoon to see Mikey crouched with the jar was eye-level, examining the water with quiet fascination. “What are these things?” he pointed to the roots that were spreading out into the space at the bottom of the jar, not taking his eyes off of them as if they might disappear when he wasn’t looking, “What do they do?”


The questions about plant roots led us to a little discussion about how plants grow, and how they need to drink water like people do. “Plants like to drink the rain? Me too. I don’t have roots though.”

As much as I thought I would be able to start some new projects and get more things done now that he is in school for longer, I find that my time management is terrible. I don’t seem to be getting anything more done than I used to when he was in preschool for only a few hours a day. I miss him when he’s gone. I miss his questions and proclamations (“Dogs can’t play chutes and ladders because they don’t have hands!”). Getting used to this routine is more difficult than I thought it would be.



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