Last Friday was my birthday. My husband took me out for sushi at a restaurant nearby while Mikey was at school, then when school was over Mikey baked me a birthday cake: a Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Smitten Kitchen. Although not strictly a birthday sort of cake, Mikey worked really hard on it and it was delicious. He needed just a little help, I read him the recipe and helped a little with the heavy mixer and hot oven. He only had six candles for the cake, in the shape of little stars, but he told me that really I needed lots of candles and that would just be too many.

My lovely husband gave me a new French Press, after much discussion about how our previous french press was, in fact, older than Mikey and didn’t really work so well anymore. I’ve been enjoying some German coffee that my mother-in-law gave me, brewing it in my new French Press.

Mikey went to stay with my husband’s parents over the weekend, leaving the apartment very quiet and me with some time to play with the other gifts from my husband. A brand new Ukulele, after I mentioned wanting to learn a couple of weeks ago. It’s beautiful and I’ve been practicing some simple chords, while trying to get the hang of a couple of songs that I can sing along with.


He also gave me a collection of science fiction novels, those ones that I keep telling myself I should really have read (especially after taking a science fiction class as part of my English Literature major) but have just never managed to get around to. So, a quiet weekend drinking coffee, eating cake, and reading. A little trip out on Saturday evening to a British Pub nearby for Fish & Chips.



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