The New School Year

Mikey’s first day of Kindergarten was on Monday this week, coinciding with one of the hottest days we’ve had in quite a while. The last weekend of summer vacation before he began school was beautifully sunny. We attended a welcoming picnic at his school and after leaving a little early we followed that up with a quick lunch of Chicago Hotdogs from a little place nearby.

We spent Saturday evening at a block party a few streets over, celebrating a local art center’s 10th anniversary in that location. Mikey played with some other children, all of them blowing bubbles together, while my husband and I listened to the wonderful performance of the first music artist of the evening. Feeling a little tired, Mikey asked to go home so we left early. I got the idea in my head that I should teach myself to play the Ukelele, we shall see. We sat on our small second floor back porch for a little while, there was a fresh breeze and the low evening sun meant we had some shade. We drank tea together and my husband played his guitar for the first time in a while, he ended up breaking a string but continued playing regardless. We sat out there, on our little porch, as the light began to gradually fade away.

Sunday felt a little strange, I spent some time sewing a patch with the batman signal embroidered on it onto Mikey’s plain black backpack. A compromise reached when I decided I’d rather buy him a more sturdy backpack as opposed to the flimsy looking (and more expensive) character ones. Another portion of time was spent writing his name, over and over, onto everything he was going to be taking to school with him. Trying to decide whether I should write his name in every item of clothing as we had been instructed, but eventually deciding that items such as socks would be an acceptable loss if they remained unlabeled.

Photos over the past week or so have been few and far between, save for the occasional snap on my cellphone and of course the obligatory first day of school photos outside our apartment building.


On Monday morning we woke early, packed his lunch and got him dressed in his new uniform. After the short walk to his new school we waited outside with a throng of anxious parents until the doors were opened and we each sent off our children, one by one, to their teachers and into the school without us.

Mikey was returned to me later in the afternoon, grubby and exhausted but excited to tell me about his new friends, his teacher, the classroom, and everything he had done that day.


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