Shakespeare and Gardening

Mikey’s shirt, trousers and rain boots were sent c/o Joules. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago Mikey and I were walking along a street nearby to our apartment when we happened past a tree, it’s branches heavy with unripe apples. I lifted Mikey up so that he could pick one and look at it. He wanted to bring it home, it was still tiny and easily fit in his pocket so he carefully placed it in there and carried it around with him for the remainder of the day. When his daddy came home from work that evening, Mikey proudly showed him the tiny apple.

After much discussion that day of trees, fruit, and seeds, Mikey wanted to plant some seeds to grow an apple tree of his own. Lacking any kind of backyard, we simply don’t have anywhere to plant an apple tree. I told him that, if he liked, he could take care of the herbs planted in pots on the porch and that we could use them when we cooked. He agreed, but it seems as though that was not quite big enough of a responsibility for him. He has taken it upon himself to take care of all of the plants in the courtyard of our apartment building, thoroughly enjoying himself as he inspects the leaves of each plant and carefully waters them.

He has been waiting patiently for some rain too, so that he could splash in puddles wearing his gorgeous new rain boots from Joules. We had quite a lot of wet weather last month but August seems to a little drier. No matter, he has been wearing them to do his work in the courtyard!




After watering the plants on Friday afternoon and eating an early dinner, we all walked from our home to a nearby park where The Chicago Shakespeare Theater was putting on a performance of The Comedy of Errors. We laid out our blanket on the grass. Mikey took off his shoes, rolled up the legs of his burnt orange trousers and sat to enjoy the wonderful performance with his toes in the cool grass. He got a little fidgety at the dialogue but he enjoyed the  slapstick elements of the performance, His daddy and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and it made a lovely change for us to be able to spend some time together as a family.

The beautiful clothes sent by Joules from their Little Joules kids range were perfect for these activities, not only are they gorgeous and from a lovely company established in England, but they’re obviously well constructed and I know they’ll hold up for a long time (which is certainly important for little boys who like to jump around, play in gardens, and roll in grass).




Mikey’s shirt, trousers and rain boots were sent c/o Joules. All opinions are my own.


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