Possibility Potluck

This weekend Mikey went out to spend Saturday with his vovó, playing miniature golf. This left my husband and I some time to spend sorting and cleaning the apartment… moving a rug from one room to another (amazing how much difference the correct size rug can make in a room). On the Sunday Mikey and I spent a good deal of the day at one of our neighbourhood playgrounds, only returning home when fine drops of summer rain began to fall from the sky and make everything smell like dirt.

The weekend before last, we attended a Community Potluck in an empty storefront just north of where we live.

The Possibility Potluck was full of food, neighbours, art, and conversation. Created by The League of Awesome Possibilities, from the about page on the website:

We believe awesome things happen when neighbors explore possibilities of place together.

We had a great time, meeting some neighbours and local business owners. Mikey playing with chalk on the sidewalk outside, eating great food and me wandering around taking a few photos. The aim of the Potluck was to create conversation about bringing new businesses to the currently empty storefronts. I’m excited to see what businesses will be moving in. For more information see: The League of Awesome Possibilities Website.