Summer Storms

The edges of a small storm caught our neighbourhood on Friday evening. The storm dissolved the humidity and the rain that was brought with it cooled off the temperatures outside. Our little window A/C unit had been struggling with being constantly running for three days, we were able to turn it off and give it a break.

Opening the windows wide, the cool air rushed in to replace the warmth. We opened all of the doors, instead of attempting to enclose the air conditioning in just the one room we were able to let the outside air run through the entire place. A little rain splattered through the windows on one side of the apartment, but it felt worth the windowsills getting wet in exchange for the divine breeze.



The storm was quiet, just skirting the edges of where we live. The occasional flash of lightning behind a cloud and the low rumble of thunder in the distance.

The artificial lights from the city lit up the clouds in orange, the lightning seeming to jump from cloud to cloud in flashes of complimentary blue.




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