Puddles and Stormy Mornings

July begins, with Monday morning bringing beautiful sunshine and a cool breeze that is playing with the curtains hung over the open windows. These are my favourite kind of summer days.

The last week of June was a mixture of sticky-hot days and rain storms which kept us inside more than I would have liked. We still took the opportunity to venture out, once the rain had subsided, to jump in a few of the large puddles in our alley and the streets nearby.

Mikey has been requesting a trip to the beach, so we are hoping to be able to make it out to the lake sometime this week. At the very least, an afternoon at the park will be the order of the day today.





*Photos taken using the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Edge 80 Optic


  1. great shots. Hope you guys make it to the beach soon. Can’t wait to see the photos with the Lensbaby!

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