He had been sorting through my collection of cameras, pulling them out from where they sit… one by one and asking “Does this one have film?

The first camera he’d found was my Polaroid 600, he sat for an entire evening examining it. He wanted to buy some film for it, but it is expensive now. Maybe we’ll pick some up soon, I’ve like to be able to use the camera again too.

There’s a roll of 200 speed in my Toy Camera waiting to be finished, but it’s been too overcast to use it. Mikey found my Holga 135, so we loaded it with 400 speed and left the apartment. We walked towards a nearby park, with Mikey taking photos on the way and learning how to wind on the film after each one. We walked through the Native Gardens at the park, where the plants are now taller than him. He had the camera to his eye the entire way through, finding little things to photograph and occasionally looking back and taking a photo of me too. The roll of film is over halfway finished now and I’ve been dreaming of an apartment with a spare room to use as a darkroom.

We got caught in the rain on our way home, our inappropriate shoes splashing through large puddles. At home we put the film Up on to watch as the rain splattered onto the windows. I’d forgotten how much I loved the film.




*Photos taken using the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Edge 80 Optic


  1. Excellent, Bex. Try him with some black and white so he can see the magic of the chemicals going into the developing tank and negatives coming out.

    I should 400 in my Holga 120N, 100 in the Holga Pinhole.
    Steven Tryon´s last post ..And, finally, some squares

  2. It’s wonderful that he shares your love for photography! I love the last image.

    I’m working on introducing photography to my son, too. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to grasp it a little better.
    Katie Cawood´s last post ..What country life looks like

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