The first year we lived here in Chicago, we used to take shortcuts behind our street through a parking lot and down the side of an abandoned hospital building. Later in the year someone bought the building and the lot, promising to tear it down and build a new school in its place. That took time, they had to remove asbestos and there was an accident inside where a boy fell through the decaying floor.

There are more stories with this unremarkable building, from people who have lived here much longer than us.

Now it has been virtually flattened. Construction workers are there every weekday, Mikey and I have stood and watched from the street at various points as the wrecking ball swung high and knocked through each floor of the building in turn. When we walk on the adjacent streets we can see sunlight where before there was only looming brick and graffiti.




*Photos taken using the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Edge 80 Optic

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