The Start of Summer

He’s barely been out of school for a week and already my days are beginning to melt together. With that, and my husband working mostly from home this summer, I find myself happily losing track of which day of the week we are on.

I’m enjoying having them both around more. I know that we will slowly settle into some semblance of a routine for the summer, even if it is mostly made up of sticky-warm days spent getting covered in dirt with friends at the park. We may simply at home playing games and eating popsicles together on those afternoons when the air is thick with summer storms, like much of this week. We may even make it to the beach, perhaps early in the mornings before the sun has spent all day heating the sand to burning.

Despite the uncomfortably warm and humid air this week, we’ve been delaying on putting in our window A/C unit. When we’ve been home, Mikey has been sitting himself on the cool hardwood in his shorts and shirt, making his own game of scrabble tiles.





  1. Such a beautiful space you have here. Happy to have made the discovery of your lovely words and images.

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