Porch Garden

My warm and humid Saturday afternoon involved a walk to buy plants and potting soil from a nearby hardware store. Mikey, still worn out from a late evening of play with his best friend the day before, opted to stay home with his daddy instead. So I walked alone, enjoying the feeling of sunshine on my face and the relative quiet.

Our neighbour had already started planting flowers on our shared back porch, she had also picked up a basil plant for me from the store a few days ago. The porch has looked pretty these past weeks, with flower filled pots. I added a few herbs of my own to the mix and re-potted some that had already needed a bigger space to grow into.



I had tried, the first year that we moved here, to grow a tomato plant out on this porch. My efforts yielded a tiny little plant that only managed to produce a few tomatoes. I decided that the space wasn’t quite right for vegetables, but perhaps herbs would do well there.

We haven’t had our own backyard space since we have been married, either living in apartments or buildings with shared yards. Here we have only a manicured courtyard in the front of our building, which I feel a little guilty letting Mikey play in, and the small back porch that that has just about enough room for a folding chair if you carefully wedge it between the back door and the stairs.

But I’m looking forward to sitting out here in the coming summer evenings, perhaps reading a book or just enjoying the sunshine. Mikey has already been inspecting the plants, checking to see how much they have grown each day as well as offering his services as a water-er and bug catcher.




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