Nurture Photography Summer 2013

The Summer Solstice is upon us, the longest day of the year. Mikey had his last day of Preschool earlier in the week and we had a picnic outside with all of the other children in his class. He will be attending a different school next year for Kindergarten so we wont be seeing a lot of his friends again, although we’re staying in contact with a few of his best friends that live nearby.

I’m not really a summer person, the heat doesn’t agree with me so much, but I have been looking forward to this summer. I’m happy to have Mikey home for a little while before he starts school again, and his daddy will be home a lot more until the new school year begins as well. We have all sorts of plans for the fun things we’re going to do: trips to the park, the beach and simply a lot of lovely evenings spent outside.

That’s why I’m very excited to announce the Nurture Photography Photo Challenge for Summer 2013!

We’re going to be having some extra fun this time around and we know that the kids are off for the summer so we’re including them as well! We’ll still be having the prompts, tips and tutorials that you’re used to but we’re also throwing in a few fun activities to do together and even a recipe or two.

Visit the Nurture Photography Page to get the prompts list and to find out more! Both Kristi and I hope to see you for the start of the summer photo challenge on July 5th!

Nurture Photography - Summer 2013 Edition


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