June Rain

Thursday was a wet day, meaning rain boots and puddles to splash in. “It’s raining all day”, Mikey sighs dramatically as we’re walking to school in the afternoon. But the rain let up after he finished school and we were able to take a walk to the library for some books about his current favourite topic: planets and space. He said that next time he would like to get some books about skeletons, a subject that he seems to find quite interesting but a little confusing at the moment.

After the library there was a little trip to a nearby coffee shop to sit down with our books, some coffee (me), and chocolate milk (him). We chatted about the planets, summer vacation, his new school next year, and his upcoming field trip. With all of the rushing around towards the end of this school year, I forget too quickly how lovely it is to just sit and talk with him.





  1. sounds like you had an awesome day 🙂 mine is getting bigger and less interested in hanging out with mommy. it’s all about video games and lego’s right now with daddy xD *jealous*
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    • I can feel the day coming where he wont want to hang out with me anymore! I manage to bribe him at the moment with promises of the library and treats, ha!

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