With the windows open last week, and a light breeze blowing its way through, the smell of freshly cut grass and motor oil drifted into the apartment. The week was filled with that summery smell and also scraped knees and busted elbows. Mikey’s knees speak of summer and playing outside on the sidewalk with friends. My husband busted his elbow in a minor bicycle accident on Friday, he spent most of Saturday at the VA Hospital seeing doctors and getting X-Rays. I think he’s more upset about not being able to ride his bicycle for a while than about the injury itself.

A letter that we had anxiously been awaiting arrived on Monday morning of last week. It was the results of the Chicago Public School lottery and upon opening the letter we discovered that Mikey did not get into the school we wanted for Kindergarten, the school that he already attends for PreK. It isn’t the end of the world, but I hate to have to move him away from his friends and also have to move over his IEP to a new school and new therapists, especially as he’s been doing so well where he is.

The skies over the weekend have been stormy, the air humid. I stayed home on Memorial day to work, while my husband and Mikey headed out to spend the day with my husband’s family.



On Monday I had the entire day to myself while my husband and Mikey were away. I did some chores around the house and ran some errands, as well as working. That afternoon, I had just got out of the shower when I happened to glance outside. For some reason the cloud cover and the light seemed so serene and perfect that I felt the need to go out and shoot. I tied up my wet hair, pulled on a pair of jeans and a shirt, and left the apartment with my camera in hand.

It was perfect. I love the way the soft light on a cloud-covered day falls against the brick and urban structures in my neighbourhood, and filters through the gaps between the el train and those buildings.

I hadn’t picked up my camera, or had any real desire to write anything for a week at least. I didn’t try to force it, I thought I should just wait and let it come back to me when I was ready.


*Photos taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic


  1. You can feel the humidity and thickness of color in these pictures. Yes, it shouldn’t be forced. Then it doesn’t feel authentic. This is authentic. I truly believe that one should only blog when they feel the need. Otherwise it becomes trite. I like coming here. It never feels trite here.

    Striking photography. Glad I stopped by.


    • Thanks so much Alita. And you’re right about authenticity, I don’t ever really want to just write here for the sake of it, because then where’s the fun?

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