Indoor Camping and Games

Saturday morning presented us with a dusting of powdered snow on rooftops and sidewalks. I took a brisk walk to the grocery store to grab a few last minute ingredients for our meals. The trouble with having no car is that I can only carry so much at once. It often requires several trips for groceries throughout the week, but I enjoy the walk and the fresh air. When Mikey is with me we often stop by at the pet store on the way, to look at the lizards and fish in their tanks.

By Saturday afternoon the snow had mostly melted, with a few spots left in the shadows where the sun hadn’t yet reached. I spent some time putting together a fun project that I’ll be more than happy to share on Wednesday. Mikey watching over my shoulder and helping with some of the easier parts.

On Sunday we pushed the coffee table out of the living room and set up camp all day, filling Mikey’s play tent with comfy pillows and blankets, then settling in to read and play games.




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