We had just a couple of blissful, bright early mornings last weekend. Where the light just streams in through every window, the winter can be so dark that sometimes I forget about those kinds of days.

Of course, the slightly higher temperatures and the bright sun didn’t last particularly long. This morning we woke to another light dusting of snow. The snowfall got thicker as the day progressed, tree branches hung down across the sidewalk under the weight of the slow clinging to it and while out walking Mikey to school it had already snowed enough to cover the toes of our boots.

Soon my husband sent me a text saying that his college was closed and that he’d be home early. We picked Mikey up from school together, and instead of heading to Mikey’s dance class on Tuesday evening we decided it would be better to stay home in the warm.

A few photos from our Saturday morning, with that bright sunshine at the windows. By the time the daylight had gone on Tuesday evening, it was difficult to remember that only a few days before we’d had such lovely bright mornings.



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