Melting Crayons

The sun shone brightly into our newly painted living room over the weekend. We woke a little too early for my liking on Saturday morning, but we all spent the day together playing and relaxing.

I had to go out to work in the afternoon and fetch groceries on my way home, but despite the snow still on the ground the walk was beautiful and filled with birdsong. Mikey’s daddy was home during the day, although he too had work needing to be done that day, but it was lovely just to have him around for the weekend. Even cooking dinner all together in the evening, which we don’t often have the chance to do.

melting crayons

On Sunday, my husband left all day with the camera to shoot for a project, leaving me with only my cellphone for photos. Mikey and I decided to get to work melting crayons. We were going to melt his old broken crayons into “really big crayons!” that morning after I had been through all of his art materials. It was his art materials and little art table that took the brunt of the water when it came through the ceiling last month, but luckily most of it was able to be saved.

We collected up the broken crayons and peeled off all of the remaining paper. Funny how children will sit and spend hours peeling paper from crayons, until that’s what you ask them to do and suddenly they don’t want to. After all the paper was removed, Mikey sorted the crayons into muffin tins greased with olive oil.

We put the broken crayons in a 275F oven for 10 minutes. When they had liquified we pulled them out and left them to cool. Mikey is very interested in things that melt, especially after watching the snow outside freeze and then melt as the days go by. After the crayons had cooled completely we popped them out of the muffin tin by putting it upside down onto a paper towel and tapping lightly on the tin.

melting crayons

Then, of course, we were ready to colour with our new crayons. Mikey spent some time examining them, looking at how all of the different colours had melted together in the hot oven, but soon he was ready to try them out on some paper.



  1. SUCH a cool idea! Can’t wait to try this out with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    • I had never done it before either, but my son absolutely loved it. It was super easy for him to help (apart from the parts where it was too hot).

  2. i have always wanted to do this with our leftover bits of crayons but have been deterred by the fact i’d have to peel the paper off all those crayon bits. might have to give it a try anyway because i think the kids would love it!
    amanda´s last post ..weekending

    • That part is what the kids are for 😉

      But actually Mikey and I sat doing it together while watching cartoons so it wasn’t so bad.

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