A Weekend Break

On dark cloudy days, when the wind is cold and there’s snow on the ground, it’s so comforting to be inside with the smell of good food cooking in the apartment for most of the day.

We spent some time organizing the apartment over the weekend, it’s a work in progress and quite messy at the moment. It was lovely to be able to take a break from that and watch TV together in the evening with deliciously warm bowls of chili cradled in our laps. And for me to take a break to cook, because I feel as though I haven’t really cooked properly  in a long time.





But of course now the weekend is over, the chili has all been eaten and we are back to the daily grind. There are places to be, errands that need running and work needing to be done. After the week is over we’ll have time to ourselves again. Time to cook, eat and be together as a family.


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