Snowballs & Play

Over the weekend Chicago got some more snow, this time none of us were too sick so get outside and play. We woke on Saturday morning to gentle snowflakes falling and gleaming white streets.

The snow was a little deeper than any we’ve had so far this year. Rooting around in the coat closet, we eventually found Mikey’s snow boots from last year and his snow cover-alls bought when we lived in Germany. The snow cover-alls were too small, after all he has grown quite a bit since we lived there, but after he tried them on we found that with a little adjustment they would thankfully fit him just fine for one more year.

Bundled up tight, we went outside to play. Mikey crouched down, the ends of his scarf dragging in the snow, and pulled together some snow for a snowball, but it was was too dry to stick together properly. He stood up and threw the snowball, it disintegrated into glittering powder before it made contact with it’s intended target.




If you missed it yesterday, I posted on the AdoramaPix Blog on the subject of Photographing your Kids in the Snow. If you’re experiencing snowy weather and want to get out and shoot in it, you should check it out.

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  1. so cute 🙂 we haven’t had any snow this year really, and what we have gotten has pretty much melted as soon as the snow stops falling. the joys of living in NJ -_-

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