Manual Photography Reference Guide [Nurture Photography]

When you’re just starting out in photography (and even when you feel like you’ve been working at it for a while) it seems like there is a lot of information to remember. Before you even think about hitting the shutter button, there are all these different buttons and dials that need to be set. It can be overwhelming at first.

After chatting back and forth for some time on that subject, Kristi and I came up with this:

Manual Photography Reference Guide

A Photography Cheat Sheet that you can either print and keep in or bag or download to your mobile device for quick reference. Enjoy!


Download Printable Version

Download Mobile Version

The Printable version is formatted to print on a full US Letter sized page. The Mobile version is formatted for iPad but will also work on other mobile devices. You are welcome and encouraged to share but please link to this blog post and not the download link directly.


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