Boxes and Repairs

There are cardboard boxes strewn around the apartment, full or half filled with our belongings. We aren’t packing up so that we can move to a new apartment. Admittedly that was our intention for a little while, but we have decided to just stay put for now. Regardless, we are still packing things into boxes.


Building maintenance will be in our apartment this week to make repairs to the water damage and to paint our living room. That is part of the reason why we are packing boxes, so that they will be able to get to the walls when they arrive, but it isn’t the only reason. A self imposed condition of us remaining in this apartment as opposed to moving to a larger one is that we rearrange the place, redecorate and downsize everything even further. It’s amazing, the amount of objects that one can collect during six years of marriage. Things that we assign emotional value to, even though the attachment is purely artificial.


It’s slow going at this point, we have other commitments outside of the home. Some things are already in boxes or temporary (albeit messy) homes elsewhere in the apartment, other things are still waiting to be boxed. We are hoping to have everything redecorated and rearranged by the end of May. We are even planning on painting over our orange dining room to help the apartment feel calmer and less busy. I’m going to be giving the little kitchen a fresh coat of white paint sometime next month in the hopes of brightening up the old dingy paint that was haphazardly painted on the walls long before we moved in. But the real challenge is the clutter, something that will no doubt be an on-going process.

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