Paper Snowflakes Tutorial

Every Winter I love to sit down with some paper and sharp scissors to make paper snowflakes. Usually in front of the TV in the evening or while listening to some music. I’m not the most crafty of people, but I like to try different methods of folding the paper and different ways of cutting shapes into it to see how interesting I can make these paper snowflakes. I think that this year I decided on my favourite type of fold to make prettier snowflakes.

Craft, DIY, Paper Snowflake

Craft, DIY, Paper Snowflake

Paper Snowflakes Tutorial

You need plain white printer paper, anything thicker will be difficult to cut once it has been folded. You could try thinner paper (such as tissue paper) but you would have to be extra careful you didn’t tear it while folding and cutting). You will also need some very sharp scissors. The sharper the scissors the more easily you will be able to cut elaborate patterns.

Fold the paper in half on the long side. Fold the paper in half a second time but this time just make a small crease to mark the halfway point and then open the paper out again. The small crease will help you do the rest of the folds later.

Craft, DIY, paper snowflake

Craft, DIY, Paper Snowflake

Using the small crease as a guide, fold your paper up diagonally from the corner. Do this on both sides and then fold the resulting triangle shape in half.

Paper Snowflakes, Craft, DIY

Paper Snowflake, Craft, DIY

Cut off the top of the triangle shape, using the shortest edge as a guide (you might have to open it out a little to see where the shorter edge is).

Now, I don’t usually templates or patterns draw on my paper snowflakes, but if you are unsure or don’t think you’re going to be able to cut a pretty pattern it might help for you to draw your ideas onto the paper before you cut it. Remember to leave enough folded pieces at the side (if you cut too much off the sides that your snowflake wont hold together).

When  drawing your pattern, be creative! Try drawing swirls, jagged edges, long points. The more paper you cut out, the more delicate your resulting paper snowflake will be.

Long points on either side of the folded paper (as shown) will give you pointed star-like snowflakes, leaving the top more rounded will give you more rounded snowflakes.

Craft, DIY, Paper Snowflake

Carefully cut out your snowflake, following the lines you have just drawn. When you are done, carefully unfold your paper to see your snowflake!

Craft, DIY, Paper Snowflake

Now that your snowflakes have been made, you can put them between the pages of a large heavy book to flatten out the folds overnight. When they are flattened then it is time to decorate with them!

I have strung my snowflakes above our living room window. To do this, I cut some twine to the height of the window and then used tiny pieces of tape to attach the snowflakes to the twine and the top, bottom, and middle of the snowflake.

Craft, DIY, Paper Snowflakes


  1. What beautiful snowflakes Rebecca!! I’m sure my girls would love this!! We will try to squeeze it in before Christmas! 🙂 Great tutorial!
    Tish´s last post ..Merry Christmas!

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