Christmas Tree

Last night was a long one. Mikey went to bed later than usual because we were so busy playing that we lost track of time, then as I was getting him to sleep he heard his daddy come home from work and that gave him a second wind that kept him awake for another hour or so. After all, who can go to sleep when they absolutely have to tell their daddy about every single thing they did that day?

The first week of December has been packed already with a multitude of fun activities. We took a ride on the CTA’s Holiday Train last Saturday, a train decorated for Christmas and completely covered in lights. We only rode it for a few stops on the Brown Line but Mikey absolutely loved it and has been talking about it every day since. You can have a look at my instagram web profile for the photos I took of that.

Sunday was unseasonably warm for Chicago, but we took the opportunity to go for a walk and fetch this years Christmas Tree from a nearby lot in Lincoln Square. We went to the same place last year to get our tree so it’s becoming a lovely tradition.

We take Mikey’s wagon with us, so Mikey gets a ride on the way there. Then we pick out our little tree from the choices at the lot and put it in the wagon to bring home. Mikey remembered going to get the tree last year and because he knows Christmas is coming up he had been asking when we could go and choose a tree.

He was very excited all of the way home and switched between walking proudly beside his tree to running laps around the wagon. We eventually made it home though, his daddy carrying the tree up our stairwell and squeezing it through the kitchen to the dining room.

I unpacked our decorations and after it began to get dark later in the day we strung lights around the tree and Mikey hung baubles and candy canes. I’ll admit that I’m just a little excited about Christmas too.


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