A weekend that began with jam sandwiches, sticky fingers, and coloured pieces of scrap paper with the beginnings of letter forming scribbles, but ended with some busy Christmas shopping and Mikey coming down with a 24 hour stomach bug.

Sunday was spent wandering local stores in Lincoln Square, grabbing coffee and picking up a few gifts. Mikey didn’t come down with a stomach bug until Monday morning, so I called him in sick at school and we spent the day sipping water, playing “school” at home, watching cartoons and relaxing. By Monday night he was able to keep some food and water down, so was able to attend school again on Tuesday afternoon. Funny how one day of illness can throw your whole week off.

But I had been able to escape for a few hours at the start of the weekend to play around with a new-to-me camera, plus a lens that I haven’t really been able to use before because it wouldn’t work on my old camera. I enjoyed the cool air and bright sunshine, the 14mm ultra-wide lens giving me a different perspective on nearby streets in our little neighbourhood.

Kristi of Live and Love out Loud and I have been hosting an awesome Fall Photo Challenge, designed to Nurture your love of Photography and with our tips and tutorials help you to make your memories flourish. The challenge itself may have finished, but there is still time to link up your favourite fall photos and enter to win some amazing prizes!

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