Wet Shoes

On a Monday afternoon we sat, our wet clothes slung over the vintage radiator in our apartment and rain splattering at the windows. It was 20 minutes before we had to leave the apartment to get Mikey to school on time and we were just sitting, wrapped in warm towels, hair dripping onto the hardwood floor. I had already pulled out some fresh clothes for school and was carefully trying to dry Mikey’s soaked shoes with a hairdryer so that he would be able to wear them to school.

I had known, as soon as we had left the apartment, that I should have picked up the umbrella as I walked out the door. The rain wasn’t falling yet, but the skies were dark with menacing clouds. Mikey danced ahead of me, skipping over fallen leaves and shouting back in my direction, “Hurry Mummy! Before it rains! Look at the sky, the clouds are so big!”

We were walking from our apartment to our friend’s new condo so that we could walk her dog while she was at work – something we do every day. We had set off early, deliberately. I had thought we would be able to make it there before the rain started, but as we reached the halfway point I heard the first low rumble of thunder.

The rain started. Fat heavy drops hitting the ground all around us in quick succession, knocking brightly coloured autumn leaves from the trees, splashing down onto the concrete and forming a fast moving little river to the drains at the edges of the street.

Mikey pulled up the hood of his little yellow raincoat and grabbed hold of my hand. We broke into a run, we hadn’t put on rain boots and our shoes were already soaked through. As Mikey ran, the wind kept blowing back the hood of his coat. His hair was wet and sticking to his forehead, he was laughing each time his hood blew back and trying to grab it as he ran.

We made it to our friend’s house, the rain began to slow down while we walked her dog – making sure that we stayed below the little cover that the autumn trees provided from the rain. The dog was less than impressed at the downpour, Mikey crouched down to his level to give him encouragement, “Don’t be scared of the thunder, it’s ok. The rain is wet but we can get a towel when we take you home.”

After taking the dog back inside and drying him off, we squelched our way back to our own home. Walking in wet shoes through soggy leaves and feeling equally damp ourselves, the rain gradually slowing and, of course, stopping just before we reached our own door.


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