Crafty Spider Monsters

A few warmer days last week prompted Mikey and me to take some of his painting work outside. Walking back from preschool earlier that afternoon, Mikey asked me if he could paint at home. I had been planning on making a few different crafts for Halloween, so when we walked in the door we rooted through the craft supplies in the closet until Mikey had chosen what he wanted to use.

He also told me on the walk home that he had been singing Itsy Bitsy Spider that day in Preschool, and was showing me how to do the actions. As he pretended his hand was a spider crawling up my arm he told me that I have always done the actions wrong, and that the way his teacher showed him was different. So we practiced doing the actions that he learned at school.

When I suggested we make some spiders for Halloween with the craft supplies that we had pulled out of the closet, Mikey was thrilled. We put down newspaper on the back porch and he set to work painting the toilet paper roll bodies for each of the spiders while I cut out some paper eyes and some felt for them. I love to watch the expression on his face when he’s really absorbed in something. He very carefully counted out the number of pipe cleaner legs we needed for each spider while I made holes for the legs to go in.*

After we had finished and left the spiders to dry, Mikey told me that he’d really like to take one of his spiders to school for his teacher. The following afternoon we packed the spider carefully into his backpack before we set off for school.

On the way to preschool we talked about spiders, webs and what spiders eat for food. Mikey decided it was gross that spiders eat flies, but he insisted that he now wants to make some flies for his spiders to eat and a web for them to live on. So I suppose that is our next project!

*If you are interested in hearing how we made the spiders, it is pretty self explanatory from the photographs. We used toilet paper rolls for bodies and painted them the colour Mikey chose. Then I cut some felt for him to glue onto parts on the bodies and used a ballpoint pen to push holes in each side of the body for the legs to go. We pushed the pipe cleaner legs through the hole and then glued on the eyes, which I cut out from coloured paper because we had no googly eyes left in the craft closet. Please feel free to leave a comment if you need any help.


  1. He did awesome with those spiders!! I love that he wanted to make flies for them too!! Cute!

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