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There’s something quite therapeutic about browsing through various old magazines and cutting out pictures. I’ve been sick with a cold this week, spending some time sitting in bed with Mikey (who has also been sick), blankets warming our toes while bright sunlight streams through the windows.  I knew there was a reason I had been hanging on to my old copies of Real Simple Magazine, we’ve been spending these quiet afternoons carefully cutting out photographs, pictures and quotes to create an autumn inspiration board.

The act of creating an inspiration board or mood board is a creative project within itself. Designers, artists and people in countless other industries use them to communicate ideas to clients or simply to search for inspiration on a particular project. The boards themselves can be made up of anything, more recently they are often made on a computer with the use of software or online with websites such as Pinterest or Polyvore.

inspiration board, mood board, paper, cut out, nurture photography

inspiration board, mood board, paper, cut out, nurture photography

inspiration board, mood board, paper, cut out, nurture photography

Personally, I like to invoke my days as a high school art & design student by spending the time to make a physical board to put on a wall of my home. There are a few advantages to doing it this way, the main one being that I don’t have to log into my computer and specifically look at my board. Inspiration can catch me at any moment, my board is set up in the dining room of my home in a place that I walk past several times a day. It is opposite my work space too, meaning that I can see it whenever I sit down to write or edit photos.

Creating your Inspiration Board

Choose a theme for your board, it can be something very specific or much more broad depending on what you will use it for. The theme for my board is Autumn, more specifically I will be using it to inspire my photography projects for the season but I can use it for others things too.

Spend some time collecting things for your board. These can be anything, browse old magazines to find images that invoke the mood that you want. Make use of inspirational quotes, old photographs, fabric swatches, textures, found objects.

Let the creation of the board be organic. You don’t have to get it all done in one go, in fact it is better to collect items over the course of days and weeks as you find them. Place each piece onto the board in a way that allows for more to be added later on or for things to be moved around easily when the mood strikes.

inspiration board, mood board, paper, cut out, nurture photography

inspiration board, mood board, paper, cut out, nurture photography

inspiration board, mood board, paper, cut out, nurture photography

Add things that inspire you, or that create the mood you are going for. Remember to make use of things that you already have in your home. For my Autumn Inspiration Board I have used images cut from magazines, chosen for their colour palettes or mood. I’ve included some textures, an old twig found by Mikey on one of our walks, a red autumn leaf, a swatch of knitting. There are a few pieces of Mikey’s artwork in there that fit the mood, some old Polaroids that I took while we were living in Germany as well as some favourite quotes. Some of these items have a more personal meaning to me as well as being chosen for their appearance.

Free Printables & Mini eBook

Because this board was created with the intention of inspiring my photography for the Autumn, I’ve also added some of these printable Fall Photography Tips. I can glance at them along with the rest of the board as I walk by, on my way out of the house to go shoot. I’ve already had a few fun ideas inspired by both the board and the photo tips that I can’t wait to use for the Nurture Photography Fall Photo Challenge!

Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud and I have put together some fun Fall Photography Tips to help inspire you this season as you take part in the Nurture Photography Fall Photo Challenge. You can choose from two printable versions, horizontal or vertically aligned, and we also have formatted the tips into a mini ebook for you to download onto your smartphone or iPad. There are 8 cards included with each of the printables, 6 with fall photo tips and 2 blank for you to add your own tips or reminders.

Fall Photo Tips Printable (Vertical)

Fall Photo Tips Printable (Horizontal)

Fall Photo Tips Mini Ebook

A Fall Inspiration Board is one way to use your free printable photo tips, head on over to Live and Love Out Loud for another creative way to use your photo tip printables!

More Tips, Tutorials and Freebies  as well as inspiring weekly prompts will be coming to you for the Nurture Photography Fall Photo Challenge starting Friday October 5th.  Nurture your photography and make your memories flourish! For weekly prompts and more information on the Nurture Photography Fall Photo Challenge, click over to the Challenge Information page.


  1. Vivien

    What a lovely idea! I could definitely use more inspiration in my life.

  2. i have been wanting to start an inspirations board. pinterest is fabulous but i like things i can hold and feel and move around. i even bought these cool cork board tiles at a yard sale this summer to get started with. . . . i forgot until now! so thanks so much for the reminder, this is really great. feeling so inspired again!

    • You know, I am the same way. I use Pinterest sometimes but I feel much more inspired by something tangible, that I can touch or look at whenever I feel like it without having to open my computer and dig it up on Pinterest.

  3. I can remember as a young teenager saving every single magazine I ever got. I would paw through them and clip out things that were “me” or that I was into and make collages. This post reminded me of that, and made me think that maybe I should recreate my youthful hobby in a more grown-up way. Thanks for this 🙂
    Mommy Boots´s last post ..Zestra – Satisfaction for Women

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  5. What a great idea to make an inspiration board! Thank you so much for the inspiration cards! I downloaded them for my phone, so I’ll have them any time, any where! Looking forward to Friday!
    Tish´s last post ..Shades of lavender

  6. Thank you so much for the fabulous inspiration! I’m really looking forward to this year’s Autumn challenge; I had such a great time with it last year!
    Tezzie´s last post ..Lawn and Worms

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