Hunting for Acorns

There was no school for Mikey for the whole of last week because of the Chicago Teacher’s Strike. We spent a lot of the week outside instead, enjoying the cooler weather and hunting for acorns in the trees of our neighbourhood.

We saw plenty of squirrels taking their own acorns away to bury somewhere and I showed Mikey which kind of leaves he had to look for on the trees to be able to find more acorns. We now have quite a collection, Mikey got good at spotting them. He has instructed me, though, that we have to keep the acorns in a box with a lid so that the squirrels don’t come in our house to look for them.

I did have other plans for the week, until the strike happened. Little things here and there to do while Mikey was in school. Some projects to finish in that little bit of spare time, some writing to do. But those things will have to wait patiently, scribbled on a list in my notebook, until the strike is over and he starts school again (They are hoping it will be over this week).

Until that happens, we can continue our little outdoor scavenger hunts. The leaves are slowly starting to change colour in our little part of the city, so I think today we will head out on a leaf hunt and perhaps put together a little art project. Our apartment needs some new art work I think.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for fall art projects for a preschooler?

I’m thinking maybe tracing some leaf outlines or making leaf prints. Perhaps we might find a few more acorns and we could string them together. There’s a little space on our dining room wall that is currently filled with some of Mikey’s summer paintings and I think it’s time we switch those out for some autumn artwork.


  1. We don’t have many acorns around our apartment but we do have a lot of pine cones which I’ve been collecting for some autumnal crafty projects with spray painting them. I’ve seen a couple bunting projects made with leaves and pine cones and collages with leaves too.

    • Oh bunting would be a sweet idea, I know the boy loves to collect leaves. Some fall leaf bunting would look pretty good in our orange dining room!

      We have yet to spot any pine cones on our travels around the neighbourhood, will have to look harder!

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