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We have been spending time together, getting used to being back in Chicago and doing things together as a family while my husband is on a short break from school. We’re lucky to have a number of museums and galleries within easy public transport distance from our home, and last week we took a train downtown to visit the Lichtenstein exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. I had wanted to visit the exhibit for a while, before we left for England, but never got around to it during our preparation for travelling. So now that we are back it seemed the perfect time to go.

Mikey enjoyed the exhibit, he thought the Lichtenstein sculptures with mirrors and reflective pieces were pretty cool… as well as some of the paintings. He especially enjoyed being able to go over to the Ryan Education Center in the gallery after we had walked around and looked at most of the paintings, to play with art related games and activities with other children in the drop-in family room.

I like to take Mikey to places like this when we can because I feel that it is just as important as making art himself at home, to be able to look at paintings and photographs and to talk about them. Not to mention that it’s something we all enjoy doing together. Mikey likes to chat with us about the art that he sees, and points out little things that interest him in each, things that we might have missed. I love to see his perspective on each of the pieces.

Do you enjoy taking your kids to art galleries?



  1. I don’t think I could take my son to a place like that. With my luck he’d break something then I’d be screwed xD Maybe when he’s older though, ’cause I’d really like to take him to the one we have. It’s HUGE!!
    Jenny´s last post ..A little adjustment, that’s all

    • I hear you on that. We’ve been to places like this enough times for Mikey to understand my very strict “do not touch ANYTHING unless I say you can” policy. But I still feel as though I have to keep a close eye on him!

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