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Rain has been a reoccurring theme for most of our long trip to England. I’m somewhat apprehensive at the thought of mentioning it yet again, but of course English rain is the kind that permeates everything. We’ve been watching the sky for sunshine, so that we can go outside and play, or skip over puddles after we take the risk to visit someplace nearby. Luckily this week looks like it’s going to be beautiful, so we’re going to be getting as much outside time as we can manage in our last week here.

I’ve been taking quite a lot of photos still, despite the rain, although perhaps not as many as I might have if the weather had been better. It’s certainly silly, but it has been freeing in a way and has given me more of a chance to really be here instead of separate, watching from behind a lens.

Sometimes I think that the trouble with taking so many photographs is that I do end up feeling sometimes like a tourist in my own life. I think about that when I look over my own images. But I do also love having all of these photos, I enjoy the memories and looking back through them as well as enjoying the whole process.

Getting the balance right can be difficult. The photographer is usually an outsider by nature and I have to remember to put the camera aside and join in too. Perhaps a better separation of photography projects and life is what is needed.


  1. i love taking photos during the rain. these are just beautiful!! love the light you captured!
    kristin´s last post ..monday

  2. this is a beautiful message. thank you for sharing your heart on this issue (maybe not an issue, more of a topic) I feel that way so often and what I ended up doing is setting boundaries for myself and my camera. There are certain places where my camera is not allowed and certain days where I chose not to use it (sabbath) It has really helped me, even if I missed a moment that would have been a great memory, I was really there and I think that is more important sometimes. It’s hard when you see life in pictures, I think If I had been born in the era before cameras, I would have been a painter. Okay, I am going on an on..sorry. I do hear what you are saying and this is something I think about a lot.
    ~Barefoot Mama

    ps beautiful photos as always! I stared a Nature linkup. It’s a small but intimate group people sharing their moment in Nature. I would love to have you if you ever want to join in http://www.barefootfive.com/2012/07/walk-with-me/
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