Habit and Mindfulness

We’ve been sitting here together since we woke this morning. Still in pajamas, wrapped in warm blankets and watching Tom and Jerry on the television. The rain has been beating against the windows all morning, but now it has stopped and there are pale ribbons of sunshine making their way through the glass.

Mikey is nursing his sniffly nose and digging his cold toes into the side of my leg.

I had a mild cold a couple of weeks ago, which left me feeling a little sorry for myself: Hiding beneath blankets, drinking tea and resolving to be more healthy so as I don’t find myself sick again anytime soon. This past week, after I’d managed to mostly shake it off, Mikey came down with the same cold.

When we’re feeling under the weather, our thoughts often shift to home. In this case I’ve been considering our normal routines back in Chicago, and how they’ve not really been working for us.

Sometimes it takes a vacation or some sort of shift in routine to give us a chance to take a step back and reassess.

I had been getting pulled under by the monotony of day-to-day, not really giving each new day a chance. Our poor routines and habits left little room for creativity or fun, our days were uninspiring.

It’s my intention upon returning to Chicago to try and shift our routines towards something that is more healthy for us as a family. That includes how we spend our time and what we eat.

Exercise too, I already walk a lot: To the grocery store, the playground, Mikey’s classes and wherever else we need to go… as well as being a dog walker five days a week. But I think I still need to make myself a more deliberate workout routine, even if it’s only something short to add onto the rest. Perhaps some yoga every morning is just what my body (and mind) needs?

Certainly, now that I’m feeling better, I’m more inspired and feel as though I have more drive. Let’s see where this goes shall we?


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