Watermelon Red

I bought a skirt on Thursday. A bright bold skirt the colour of watermelon, so unlike my usual closet of greys and blacks.

I was out for breakfast with Mikey and a friend that morning, enjoying delicious fluffy pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice at a little place nearby. After we’d eaten, we did a little wandering in and out of a few stores and boutiques. I didn’t notice the skirt at first, it was on a rack behind a few other things and I was busy keeping track of Mikey who loves to run his fingers along all of the different textures of fabric in clothing stores and investigate.

But it did eventually catch my eye, I was drawn in by the rich colour peering out from its hiding place between a number of shirts and dresses of various patterns and hues. I’d already told myself that I wouldn’t be buying anything but my friend convinced me to try it on.

This skirt was everything I’m not at the moment.

I’ve been mentioning here and there, the sort of funk that I’ve been in lately, for lack of a better description. It comes and goes from day to day, some days are better than others I suppose, but it seeps through into everything. It’s been difficult to feel motivated, even to do a lot of basic everyday sort of things, let alone anything more exciting. I’m just going through the motions. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, I’m not sad or miserable, just worn out.

So, I ended up coming home with this beautiful, bright watermelon coloured skirt folded neatly in a paper bag. The skirt that is not me. But if I wear it all summer, on fun outings to the beach or even just sitting outside in the grass with a book, maybe it will be.

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  1. That breakfast looks amazing and that looks like a fun skirt! I’m sorry you’re going through a rut right now. I hope you get through it fast and are stronger because of it.
    KatherineĀ“s last post ..Blanca’s Story

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