Summer Travels

It’s been nearly two years since Mikey and I were last in England, it seems like a long time and a short time all at once. But we’re going to be flying out to England again this week, to spend 6 weeks with my family in the village I grew up in. Mikey still remembers parts of our last trip and some of the trips before that, he’s been counting down the days until he gets to go on another plane and telling me about all of the different things he’d like to see and do again on this trip. He’d like to look at the trees in grandma’s garden and play football with his uncle.

A little travel is always good for the soul, and I can’t help but think that going home for a little while might lift my spirits or pull me out of this rut.

But Chicago. I’ll miss Chicago while I’m gone, almost certainly. It’s a strange state to be in: No matter where I am, I miss something of somewhere else. Always feeling the pull of one country while I’m in another. Fernweh [German: “An Ache for the Distance”]. England is familiar, I spent the first twenty years of my life there. But now it’s familiar only in the same way as an old song that you love, one whose title you can’t quite place or with words that you can’t quite remember… you hum the tune for a while and once you are told the title you realise that you did know it all along.

I actually have a couple of personal photographic projects in mind, based on this. I’m looking forward to being able to look at my home country again with new eyes and also looking forward to being able to show it all to Mikey now that he’s a little older, he was almost three years old last time he was in England and now he’s going on five years old.

While I’m in England, sadly my cellphone will not work unless I have access to WiFi, but I’ll be posting snapshots of England to instagram there when I can, even if that means a few instances of photo dumps when I connect to WiFi. Find me on instagram: @satakieli

I’ll still be around here, though. I’ll be scheduling a couple of posts this week and then I’ll be back with Alicia of Project Alicia and Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud for a fun photo link up during the summer months,  subscribe or ‘like’ Bumbles & Light on Facebook to keep up to date and to make sure you don’t miss the summer photo link up!


  1. Veronica

    Love your processing on these. Cannot freakin believe I’m missing you in both Chicago and England. What kind of luck is that? Safe travels I’ll be following along and am very excited to see your UK photos. You’re getting me all amped up for my trip. Have so much fun with your family xo
    Veronica´s last post ..One Word

    • The universe is obviously conspiring to keep us apart. I’d like to think it’s because we’re both so amazing that together the world couldn’t handle it!

  2. Have a fabulous time – I cannot wait to see the incredible photographs I’m sure you will take. I will be watching Instagram as I can and trying to post on our adventures in England too!

    We have Chicago on our list to visit someday!! I’ve never been, but my husband visited there when he was teenager…your photos make me want to go SOON!! I have a feeling I’m going to love that city!! I’ll see it briefly from the airport on our flight to Heathrow.

    Have a safe trip!!
    Jen @ LitasWorld´s last post ..England/Scotland Trip Preparations

  3. Enjoy coming back to England! I hope you have and Mikey have a great trip 🙂
    You missed all the lovely weather though 🙁

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