Radio Controlled Truck

My brother, after some rooting around earlier in the week, dug up his old radio controlled truck for Mikey to play with while we are staying here in England. Mikey hasn’t played with one before, our apartment is too small to really drive one anywhere inside and the lack of a backyard at home is a factor too.

It probably wouldn’t be so much fun for Mikey anyway, as driving his Uncle’s radio control truck along the grass in the garden and down the steps onto Grandma’s patio. He still hasn’t quite got the hang of steering yet though.

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  1. Vóvó

    That’s so nice of Uncle Russel to find his truck. I’m sure before you return, Mikey will have figured it out.

  2. My son has one of those. Well… had. He loved it and would beg to go out and play with it. THEN he broke the controller, as he does with every remote toy he’s had. Now he just pushes it around and gives one of my little resin a ride every now & then.

    Ah, cherish the days, right? 😉
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  3. Amy

    One of the best memories of my childhood are RC cars and airplanes with my dad. 🙂 I love doing things with my kids and knowing I’m making memories.. The pictures look amazing, too.
    Amy´s last post ..Mind/Body Makeover Starts Now

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